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Bradford the Folkie

this is Bradford

Bradford is a Folkie™; a one of a kind, soft sculpture sweetie made from fleece & (wool) felt & fluff! His face features hand embroidered accents & his limbs are made from 100% all new cotton.

Folkies are collectibles-- the perfect gift for a plush lover who has everything, because Folkies are one of a kind. Folkies are baby friendly, with no small or moving parts-- they are 100% fiber based. Their long limbs, twisty horns or floppy ears, along with their variable textures are just perfect for clutching... and snuggling... and chewing.
High contrast colors & patterns, along with their unique silhouettes will make them an instant favorite with young people & an easy addition to any art collector's home, or new baby's nursery.

And just like new baby-- Folkies are special and worth waiting for.

Like all Folkies, Bradford was made without a pattern and is completely unique.

Folkies all measure anywhere from 12-20" tall from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes. If you need an exact measurement for a particular doll, please do ask before purchasing.

75 USD 40 USD