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Build your own custom name banner, featuring the under appreciated animals!

Who's more unique than YOUR child?
No one!

But, the Pangolin & the Upupa might give him a run for his money.
(nah, of course not... but they ARE super cool animals).
The alphabet books and decor you usually see for kids can be so boring & blah.

Now you can build your own custom garland, perfect for brightening up your child's room at any age & great for any decor, with Under Appreciated Animals bunting. Each letter showcases a different animal from my primer... A is for Axolotl, B is for Bandicoot, C is for Capybara & so on. Featuring fun, vibrant colors and bright, crisp illustrations that encourage your little ones to explore more of the world around them, you're sure to love these as much as the kids!

The cards measure approximately 2.5x 3.5" each, and are available in upper case & lower case for each letter. Unless you choose one or the other, the bunting will be a mix of upper & lower case (my personal favorite, for the adorable factor). The banners are made from individual cards from my Under Appreciated Animals matching game card decks, so the backsides of these cards is blue with small lower resolution drawings of all the animals... but with such cute fronts, who's gonna be looking at the backs anyway?!

This listing is for ONE banner, with up to 10 letters on it.
Banners (with 10 letters) measure approximately 30" wide (the letters portion only) and the 100% wool fiber line the cards are strung on will include an extra 10-12" on either side so you can space the letters out more (if you'd like) or just to give you more flexibility in hanging.

When you check out, please choose your upper/lower/mixed case preference & be sure to include the name you'd like in your message to seller.

If you are interested in a double strand, shorter or longer names or not a name at all... say, "happy birthday", for example, just convo me for a custom listing! I'm happy to do it.