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CLEARANCE Coloring Books/ some misprinted

CLEARANCE Coloring Books/ some misprinted

Back in the day, I made coloring books. They were great and I loved them and kids loved them. Then I changed focus and had big plans to come back to these at some point, but life took over and I had my own kids and well... 

But I found the box with all the old books in it and they're still in great conditions (the "Updated" ones are the most recent version I sold); the others either have misprints (like this particular Friends one has the wrong image on the inside covers and they duplicate images on the inside) or the original Knumbers book which I just made way too many copies of before realizing the cover paper was too thin and the illustrations not strong enough /not enough pages. 

See the options below!

(and YES, I will be coming back to these concepts, re-working them and re-releasing these plus new books... but probably not until much later this year). 
Coloring books typically retail for $4-5