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Love Garden 5x7 greeting cards

Love Garden 5x7 greeting cards

This LOVE GARDEN card design is available in Golden & Candy Pink... 
Both are available in "perfect" (professional & accurate and "yay i got it right!") condition... 

BUT, if you're ok with some slight imperfections, you can save some bucks too; all cards come with envelopes! 

Available are: 

1 Canvas paper test print GOLDEN (which has GORGEOUS color and texture, but as its a test print, the paper type is printed inside the card on the side)
1 lush matte cardstock print, GOLDEN (with slightly crooked/misaligned white borders)
1 60lb polar matte card CANDY PINK (test print, which shows some streaking and areas of no-ink-- a light white-ish line running down the card)

Unlimited "perfect" print cards on lush matte cardstock in both colors