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Custom Family Portraits! Choose from 1-3 People & up to 3 pets in an 8x8/8x10 print (turnaround ~8+wks)

Custom Family Portraits! Choose from 1-3 People & up to 3 pets in an 8x8/8x10 print (turnaround ~8+wks)

***UPDATE!!! DUE TO THE AMAZING OUTPOURING OF SUPPORT I'VE GOTTEN FROM THE MFM PODCAST--- The current turnaround time for CUSTOM orders placed after August 8th, could be up to 8 weeks. I will do my very very best to work faster, but I also don't want to rush your very special work. IF you would rather not place an order that wont be turned around as quickly as the usual 5 weeks, then please hold off on placing your order until I take this announcement down. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE***

Please read this full listing so you can complete your order seamlessly!
There is a copy/paste-able Q&A section at the end. 

This listing is for ONE custom portrait
, to be rendered digitally & printed on archival quality 8x8 or 8x10 -- please specify your preference in your message to seller at checkout-- All pieces will originate as 8x10 prints with the image comprising a roughly 7.25x7.25 square; 8x10 prints will remain untrimmed &  have a slightly larger white border at the bottom, where as 8x8 prints will be trimmed down and have the same size border all the way around.

Print will be signed and dated. 

Due to the individualized and custom nature of this work, RETURNS and/or EXCHANGES will not be available. Please note the stylization of the characters in the sample image... this is how you and your pets and people will be rendered. It will not be photo-realistic, but an interpreted caricature of sorts, done in my illustrative style, based on the photos you send me. You will be rendered like a "peg doll" (no arms/legs; just head and torso) and you will be able to choose your own color palettes, clothing types, background pattern & foreground trim. If you need help choosing, let me know! I will also tell you if I think your choices won't work too well together and I'm happy to work with you to make your piece the best it can be. 

1.) choose the number of people/ animals you would like in your portrait using the drop down menu below. 

2.) In your message to seller section at checkout, please let me know if you would like your print trimmed to 8x8 or left 8x10.

3.) complete your purchase; once you have received your order number, please email me at: (this is important-- the Talk feature on this site isn't reliable enough for our communication, so please use the email provided). 

4.) Email me, with your order number in the subject line. 

In this email, please include:
         a.) high quality, well lit and flattering photos of any people or animals meant to be included in the portrait. The best photos for this will be ones with the subject looking directly into the camera and from straight on (especially important for the people and for animals who have distinguishing coloration where not seeing one side of their face would make it hard to accurately render). If you aren't sure if the photos are good enough, send your best and I am more than happy to let you know if I need more or not. Typically 2 photos per subject is enough! For the people in the portrait, it would be awesome if you are wearing what you would like to be rendered in. If you want a "special" outfit... we'll get to that. 

        b.) For clothing, again you'll want to keep it relatively low key, but you can certainly choose the colors or basic idea (ie: a hoodie, a vintage style dress, a polka dot shirt and striped pants, icon of a star in the center...). Let me know your choice in your order. 

       c.) your choice for the background pattern-- these are typically best as relatively simple designs, so they dont conflict with your portraits. Choose from things like stars, waves, stripes, fleur de lis, retro diamonds, starbursts... If you dont have a preference that is totally fine; I am more than happy to pick something that will work best with your other elements. 

       d.) your choice for the foreground border-- if you are an MFM fan and would like me to use this same skull/poppies/knives border, please let me know. Otherwise, typically a floral border will work the best and allow the portraits to shine. If there is a particular icon or design element you'd like me to include, let me know. Otherwise, if you have a specific type of flower you are drawn to, I can use that. Other ideas could include things like banner/scrolls with your names, or a selection of gems/crystals popping up, a pile of stars, ocean waves... 

      e.) overall color preferences or strong dislikes-- if there is something I can USE or definitely NOT use, I will 100% do it. In some cases some colors just wont work with the rest of your image and if that is the case, I will let you know. 

To make things easier on you, you may copy this questionnaire below & paste it into your email to ensure you don't forget to answer any of the elements: 

1.) Photos Included: 

2.) Clothing Choices:

3.) Background Preference:

4.) Foreground Preference: 

5.) Color Preference: 


Expected delivery to occur within approximately 8-9 weeks of listing purchase, provided your photos and answers are sent the same day. Once your photos and answers are received, your order is added to my queue and the 8 week turnaround begins.

Thank you so much for your order!

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