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Custom Pet Portrait! 8x10 Marker Sketch

These are 8x10 marker & colored pencil sketches done on bristol board or strathmore vellum paper (as available/appropriate for the piece). Your piece will be custom created & will allow for a wee bit of wiggle room-- I'd love your feedback on any color preferences or strong dislikes you may have, and if you would like a floral wreath, floral crown, both or neither OR a name banner under your pet. You can choose from the list of variations below!

(If you don't choose an decorative option, or include further details in your email along with your photos, I will do whatever I think will look the best!)

Please keep in mind that these are meant to be whimsical interpretations of your buddy, so likeness will the goal, but photo realism is not. I will be taking a bit of license with the colors (black furred cats will likely be rendered in a dark purple instead... your dog's freckles won't be exact... and may look a bit more like a celestial sky); these are meant to be playful and capture your baby's spirit-- to go beyond the photograph!

For best results, I will need you so send me a few photos to work from-- preferably pictures taken at your pet's eye level, so their face isn't distorted by the camera being too close or too far above or below them. You can send those to me after you've completed your purchase, at: 

Please allow up to 4 weeks for creation and shipping. 

Thank you!

***DUE TO THE NATURE OF CUSTOM WORK, these pieces can not be returned. Please ask any questions before placing your order! Thank you!*** 
45 USD