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orange & red & pink lovebellies

orange & red & pink lovebellies

***please note the pink lovebelly has a moment of sewing lameness where the fabric didn’t quite catch as perfectly as I would like. This doll would be very cute for display or an older gentler child but its not “perfect” and might not last as long with heavy play. Sale price is reflected accordingly!***

LoveBellies are among the newest additions to the *might plush family .
LoveBellies are small but pack a whole lotta love.

One of a kind, LoveBellies are made without patterns and each one is unique, as no color & fabric combinations will ever be duplicated. Each one should be considered an original art piece, to be collected and loved. This sweet LoveBelly is made with ultra soft fleece and cotton, then stuffed with polyfil so he's sturdy but totally huggable.

LoveBellies are small enough to make great friends for little ones-- the perfect size for small hands; they fit easily in a stroller or a diaper bag, but look just as sweet on a desk or mantel. They're a wonderful way to say "I LOVE You!", since these little guys wear their hearts on the outside.

LoveBellies are made entirely of fleece, cotton and felt-- everything is sewn in place (no plastic eyes, buttons, small or moveable parts here!). Babies love tugging on their ears and horns & carrying them around by them.They make a sweet addition to any nursery or playroom; a decorative piece that can also be played with. Perfect as stocking stuffers or sent along with flowers. An adorable "Just Because" for someone you love.

LoveBellies CAN be machine washed if necessary, but should be washed on a gentle cycle & may need some re-fluffing to get their shape back.

On average, LoveBellies measure about 8-10" tall. Occasionally they're a bit shorter if they're also wider than the average. And some LoveBellies are a lot taller due to their amazing ears or horns! If you need to know the exact size of the friend you are looking to purchase, please contact me before you buy, so I can assist you.

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