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Under appreciated animals vinyl sticker set (all 12 available stickers) **shipping included**

Under appreciated animals vinyl sticker set (all 12 available stickers) **shipping included**


A is for Alligator
B is for Bear
C is for Cat

... there's nothing *wrong* with that, of course, but your kid's cooler than that, right? 
Why not spruce up her room and give her something to get REALLY excited about with the Under-appreciated Animal series by *mightyPigeon!?

this project began when I started realizing that my son's favorite animals at the zoo were also the ones you never see in books or cards or toys for kids... he loved the Dik-Dik, for example, but I couldn't find him any books or cards that didn't use a Dog, a Duck or a Deer. 

raise a cooler kid & learn about some new animals at the same time!

This listing is for ALL THIRTEEN (13) high quality, die cut vinyl stickers, at a discount! 
Normally, they are $2 each or 3 for $5!
You will receive one of each of the following: 

Elephant Shrew
Fennec Fox
Red Panda
Weedy Sea Dragon

 Each sticker reads "I (heart)" and the animal's name... Show people you heart these under appreciated animals! 

The stickers vary in size-- 
Axolotl~ 3" wide
Capybara~ 3" wide
Dik-Dik ~ 4" tall
Elephant Shrew ~ 3.75" wide
Fennec Fox ~ 3" tall
Kinkajou~ 3" wide
Manatee ~ 4" tall
Narwhal ~ 4" wide x 1.5" tall
Okapi ~ 3.75" tall
Red Panda ~ 3.25" wide
Tapir ~ 3.5" wide
Weedy Sea Dragon~ 3.5" tall
Yaminon~ 3" wide

If you'd like additional stickers, just add an extra $1.50 per sticker & be sure to let me know (in your notes to seller section at check out) which extra designs you'd like.
22 USD20 USD