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A is for Alligator
B is for Bear
C is for Cat

... there's nothing *wrong* with that, of course, but your kid's cooler than that, right?
Why not spruce up her room and give her something to get REALLY excited about with the Under-appreciated Animal series by *mightyPigeon!?

this project began when I started realizing that my son's favorite animals at the zoo were also the ones you never see in books or cards or toys for kids... he loved the Dik-Dik, for example, but I couldn't find him any books or cards that didn't use a Dog, a Duck or a Deer.

raise a cooler kid & learn about some new animals at the same time!

This listing is for a full set of 26 letter/animal magnets (A-Z). Each magnet features one of the Under Appreciated Animals, the letter they represent & their name. Magnets measure approximately 2.5" x 3.5" tall and sit flat on any magnetic surface (the entire back of the magnet is magnetic).

A great way to keep little ones engaged at the fridge door when you're cooking of washing dishes. An adorable addition to their magnetic easel & drawing station. Spell names & more!

If you are interested in JUST spelling a name or a word, please convo me for a custom listing. Outside of the full set, magnets are $1 each.
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